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Private Placements

Private Placements

With FactSet Private Placements, you'll receive details on the deals you're looking for and link to related documents, all in one place.

Scope and Coverage

FactSet covers private placements for public companies that are listed on a U.S. or Canadian exchange and disclose deal terms with the SEC and SEDAR. The company does not necessarily need to be headquartered or operating out of the United States.

Coverage MarketCoverage HistoryDealsSecurities
U.S. 2008 - current 11,944 13,668
Canada 2009 - current 13,357 15,580
Hong Kong 2012 - current 1,800 1,898
China 2012 - current 367 367


  • Broad data items bring in coverage from over 280 fields on the deal and security levels
  • Robust relational data model and text broken down into meaningful fields for easier searching and comparisons
  • The database collects hundreds of fields on the nature of the deal and details of the security
  • All deals are linked to filings and press releases related to the deal, not just the latest source
  • Securities and deals are linked to an identifier per deal, which allows for easier integration
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