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FactSet’s ownership data provides institutional, mutual fund, stakeholder, and float-related share ownership information for equities and fixed income securities worldwide.

FactSet Equity Ownership

Scope and Coverage

  • Global Institutions with AUM: 7,351
  • Global Financial Sponsors: 34,801, representing 212,420 contacts
  • UKSR Beneficial Owners: 42,959
  • Countries Covered: 120
  • 13F History: since 1999
  • Update Cycle for Pricing/Holdings: Daily


  • Uncover a more accurate view of information and avoid data discrepancies
  • Benefit from ultimate transparency with links to source documents as well as report dates so you know exactly where our data originates.
  • See calculations and clear explanations of the methodology used for all aggregated statistics
  • Get unique details with reports that slice and dice the data, providing distinct views and benefits, from time-series analysis to custom charts
  • Available in the FactSet Workstation, as a web product, or as a FactSet DataFeed

FactSet Fixed Income Ownership

Scope and Coverage

  • Fixed Income Securities: 433,255
  • Total Fund Holders: 29,423
  • History: Since September 2013


  • Over 90% of funds report holdings at least quarterly, and daily holdings are supported for over 90 funds
  • Data is collected straight from fund holders
  • Data includes fund characteristics, fund name, security, position, reported market value, and report date
  • Available as a FactSet DataFeed
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