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Global Sanctions

Global Sanctions

To help you uncover hidden risks about your customers and their industry relationships, FactSet offers a global sanctions data feed.  The feed monitors the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Sanctions Lists and other restricted lists maintained by global authorities (GB, UN, and EU), and maps the entities and individuals that appear on these lists to our symbology.

  • Identify relationships between entities and individuals that appear on global sanctions lists.
  • Leverage data on the aliases for entities and individuals to support enhanced due diligence with client on-boarding and KYC & AML workflows.
  • Benefit from FactSet's entity-centric database to expose the direct and indirect relationships and hierarchies between entities, securities, people, and funds.
  • Unveil any hidden threats of doing business with customers and any legal implications it might have for your firm.

FactSet’s Global Sanctions data feed includes people and entities that appear on 72 sanctions lists. To allow clients to derive better connections between sanctioned entities, address information, legal entity identifiers (LEI), affiliate information, and ultimate parent relationships are included for entities in the above sanctions lists.