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FactSet offers more than 30 million documents and continues to add over 5,500 documents every day.

Scope and Coverage

Real-time, regulatory feeds:

EDGAR (SEC filings) 19 million documents (including exhibits) going back to 1994
SEDAR (Canadian filings)  4 million documents going back to 1997
RNS (UK Regulatory News Service)  2.5 million documents going back to 2003
ASX (Australian filings)  1 million documents going back to 2005
HKEX (Hong Kong filings) 1 million documents going back to 2010
OMX (Nordic and Baltic)  more than 200K documents going back to 2009


FactSet Global Prospectuses: over 1 million equity and fixed income security-offering documents going back to 1990.

FactSet Annuals & Interims (FAI/FFR): over 2 million periodic financial disclosures covering over 50,000 global companies. 


  • Easily locate annuals, prospectuses, proxies, or other key documents for an entire portfolio, industry, index, or security
  • Quickly access integrated filings from various sources, including real-time EDGAR filings with parsed exhibits and items
  • Blackline any reports of your choosing to immediately see all text that has been changed, added, or deleted from the last period’s filing
  • Use powerful text searching to pinpoint key terms or phrases across a variety of content sets, including global filings, prospectuses, and earnings call transcripts
  • Take advantage of various output options including SDM for Excel workflows, or download to PDF, HTML, or Word

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