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Events and Transcripts

Events and Transcripts

FactSet Events and Transcripts provides conference call transcripts for companies' publicly held conference calls, plus a wealth of information regarding upcoming corporate events.

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Scope and Coverage

  • Companies with Events: 18,398
  • Live/Real-Time Transcript Coverage: 300

Transcript Coverage by Event Type:

  • 471 analyst, investor, and shareholder meetings
  • 1,555 presentations
  • 6,172 earnings calls
  • 86 guidance calls
  • 838 special situation, M&A, and other events
  • 274 sales and revenue calls

Transcript coverage by region:

  • Americas: 3,934
  • Europe: 1,279
  • Asia Pacific: 578


FactSet makes it easy to find and prioritize the events that are most important to you with the help of event calendars, formatted reports, and the ability to search for keywords.

  • Easily incorporate events and transcripts information into your models
  • FactSet’s Events and Transcripts data is fully integrated into charting applications, full quote views, as well as Excel
  • Enhanced features including indexed audio
  • Click on a word in a transcript and listen to the audio beginning from that point
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