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Take advantage of FactSet's 35 years of integrating third-party data or receive content sets to link data directly into your workflow.

Scope and Coverage

  • Companies covered: More than 16,000+ active companies
  • Contributing brokers: 809 brokers globally
  • Data items: More than 160
  • History: From 1994 in France, 1997 in Europe, and 2000 in North America and Asia Pacific


    • Intraday, industry-specific estimates data gives you the information you need to understand today's market
    • Clicking on any data point allows you to view the underlying facts
    • Business and geographic sales estimates for 3000+ companies can be segmented in easy-to-read reports
    • Competitive Sharp consensus data lets you dig deeper in your analysis
    • Available as a FactSet Data Feed
    FactSet News and Insight

    Did DJIA Companies Report Higher Non-GAAP EPS in Q1'17?

    The average difference between non-GAAP EPS and GAAP EPS for $DJIA companies was 53.6% in Q1.

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