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Debt Capital Structure

Debt Capital Structure

Receive the latest information on credit strength and an overall debt profile for corporate issuers using FactSet’s Debt Capital Structure.

FactSet Debt Capital Structure helps you thoroughly examine a company’s sources of debt. Access public and private company debt financing and receive access to more than 100 categories of debt to analyze at the individual instrument level.

Scope and Coverage

  • Number of Issuers: 43,000+ reporting entities
  • Geographic Coverage: Global
  • Data Items: More than 100
  • Data History: U.S. companies from 2006, non-U.S. companies from 2007
  • Update Cycle: Annually, quarterly, or semi-annually (depending on the company's reporting practices)
Coverage for companies with securities under the following high yield indices:

  • BofA Merrill Global HY Index: 100% coverage
  • LSTA leverage loan index: 100% coverage
  • Top 400 European and Emerging Markets HY: 100% coverage
  • 1,700 Most Active HY Bonds: 100% coverage
  • Barclays HY Index: 95% coverage


  • Use FactSet's clearly defined, bottom-up classification methodology to reconcile the total debt reported for a company at the instrument level
  • Gain access to important details relating to liquidity analysis including a breakdown of all the instruments and line items included in balance sheet debt values as well as liquidity outlook (e.g. stable, positive, or negative) for an issuer
  • Dig deeper in your analysis of a company’s debt capital structure with the ability to navigate to full terms and conditions, security pricing, source documents, and ratings
  • Available as a FactSet Data Feed