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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

FactSet’s corporate governance database, SharkRepellent, provides takeover defense and corporate governance data for thousands of U.S. incorporated public companies. You can obtain comprehensive data to prospect for new business, assess the defensive characteristics of specific companies, and perform comparable analyses across endless variables, including industry, market index, market capitalization, and state of incorporation.

Scope and Coverage

  • 6,881 takeover defense profiles (Fortune 500, S&P 1500, Russell 3000, Nasdaq 100 and IPOs: 1999 to present)
  • 4,402 poison pill profiles (U.S. and non-U.S.)
  • 5,312 campaign case studies (activist campaigns and proxy fights)
  • 10,744 shareholder proxy proposals
  • 254,328 management proxy proposals


  • Comprehensive takeover defense data compiled from a company's articles of incorporation, bylaws, state takeover law and shareholder rights plan (aka poison pill)
  • Real-time benchmarking of corporate governance practices and governance trends
  • Detailed activist profile content that provides clients insight into an investor's history of activism by examining typical objectives, tactics, and campaign outcomes

Visit the SharkRepellent website.

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