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Corporate Activism

Corporate Activism

FactSet’s corporate activism database, SharkWatch, is an industry first, offering new levels of actionable intelligence.

Monitor and analyze corporate activism with access to activist investor profiles detailing previous campaigns, tactics, outcomes, and more. Customize event alerts, research historical trends, and fully realize emerging business opportunities.

Scope and Coverage

Geography: U.S., global activism information is available for members of the SharkWatch50

Coverage: All proxy fights announced since January 1, 2001; other activism (non-proxy fights) against U.S. incorporated companies announced since January 1, 2006; complete activism history available for members of the SharkWatch50


  • Observe activist investors and the movements they take in terms of new stakes, increases, and decreases, as well as the percentage of shares held by a company’s activist investors and the number of activist investors with holdings in a company
  • Learn more about individual investors, including biographical information, typical tactics, and 13Ds filed, and gain the insight you need to understand an investor’s history of activism
  • Analyze trend data, research similar historical tactics, and profile what it took for the dissidents to settle. Build and compare company profiles detailing all activism against a specific company
  • Query on specific terms such as campaign types, dissident tactics, activism types, meeting dates, proxy fight winners, and more

Visit the SharkRepellent website.

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