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Bonds and Loans

Bonds and Loans

Gain a complete understanding of a company's credit and debt profile with FactSet's data on bonds and loans.

Scope and Coverage

Terms and Conditions

  • Facilities/Securities Covered: 51,461
  • Facility/Security Versions Covered: 120,584 (this includes all active facilities for Credit Agreements filed with the SEC since 2012)
  • Credit Agreements Covered: 71,827
  • Companies Covered: 9,817
  • Coverage for the following indices:
    • 95% coverage of the Current LSTA index constituents
    • 95% coverage of the CS Leveraged Loan index constituents
    • 100% IBoxx Loan index constituents
    • Over 3,200 mapped loans within the LSTA master loan index constituents


  • Gain a deep dive analysis of credit agreements and facilities
  • Use key “pricing grid” data and redemption features to provide insight into respective impact on forward trending spreads
  • Covenant data allows you to identify and screen on specific covenant triggers
  • Mapping of loans to DCS databases and pricing so you can retrieve data across the entity structure
  • Mapping and tracking of amendment and restatement documents so you understand the life cycle of a given loan or agreement
  • Credit agreement participant information; commitment types and amounts per lender are also available
  • FactSet Bank Loans T&C can be included in a custom feed at client request
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