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Corporate Responsibility

Our commitment to our clients, employees, shareholders, and communities is at the core of who we are.


Our commitment to corporate citizenship is built into all aspects of our business. In each of our 48 global offices, one thing is clear: FactSetters worldwide have a passion for making an impact on our business and in our communities.

Read our 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report which highlights our commitment to strong governance, impactful community engagement, and our diverse and globally inclusive employees.

Our Commitments


Strengthening Our Communities

Just as we help our clients solve their greatest challenges through collaboration, we believe that giving back to our communities is part of our culture. We recognize our responsibility as a global corporate citizen to invest in the communities where we work and we direct our employee volunteer efforts and charitable giving for positive social impact. We unite around FactSet’s four Pillars of Service, partnering with leading nonprofit organizations that are contributing to the causes that matter most to us. This sense of purpose demonstrates the FactSet spirit of going above and beyond and reflects our employees’ pride in working for an organization that cares.


We work with our non-profit partners to develop projects within our pillars that are both highly impactful for our communities and engage our employees in meaningful volunteer opportunities. We are not currently accepting event sponsorship or grant funding requests.

empowering our people

Empowering Our People

We seek out the best talent across the globe, building an atmosphere where they can think creatively, contribute actively, and grow professionally within high-performing teams. We have a diverse global workforce and we do our utmost to foster an inclusive culture where all employees can bring their whole selves to work, contribute at their maximum potential, and grow in their careers.

We want our employees to feel that their work is meaningful and has purpose. We give them a lot of responsibility early in their careers and empower them to find creative solutions that meet our clients’ needs. In return, we commit to creating an environment consistent with our values that supports their personal and professional goals.

Delivering Value to Investors

Delivering Value to Investors

At FactSet, we are guided by our commitment to honesty, integrity, and ethical transparent practices. Our Board, which has 33% female directors, steers the course and our management has a long track record of growth.

All employees and directors must abide by our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which outlines expectations for employees’ interactions with clients, vendors, shareholders, management, and colleagues. Equally important, it clearly states that employees are expected to report any potential violations of the code and that there will be no retaliation for such reporting.

Caring for the Environment

Caring for the Environment

As a global business with a presence in more than 20 countries across six continents, we recognize that we have a responsibility to manage our environmental impact. We approach sustainability in three ways: through our products, our business operations, and our volunteer work.

We work with multiple leading ESG analysis providers and integrate their products into our solutions. These products and services allow our clients to access in-depth research, ratings, and analysis of environmental, social, and governance-related business practices of companies worldwide. 

In our operations, we integrate sustainable business practices at every opportunity. Our 1.2 million square feet of leased office space presents a significant opportunity to reduce our impact on the environment and in the year ahead we will go further and work toward improved benchmarking of our environmental impact, setting ambitious targets to further limit our footprint. Read more about our commitment to the environment in our sustainability statement

Serving Our Clients

Serving Our Clients

We strive to act as trusted partners with our clients, providing deep industry knowledge, insightful analytics and unique content, data security, and round-the-clock outstanding service.

Our clients see us as part of their team. We continuously look ahead to advance the future of our industry, relentlessly seeking value for our clients because their success is our success.

Creating Value

FactSet is built on the values that have guided the company since its founding in 1978. Our founders’ principles continue to drive how we do business today and those beliefs have shaped the norms of our culture. As big as we grow, as far as our reach and as successful as we become, we stay connected to our clients and to each other.


Female Directors on our Board


Volunteer Hours Served in FY19


Increase in Client Elearning Usage in FY19
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Download Our Latest CR Report

This is our third annual Corporate Responsibility report. FactSet believes in strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices, and we are proud of the progress we have made over the past year as we embark on a path to be leaders in this space.



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