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Our Teams

Product Development

Product Development

As a member of FactSet’s product development team, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with every department in the company and work closely with colleagues at all levels. Our product developers are highly attuned to what's going on in the financial industry, as well as what our clients need in order to do their jobs effectively, so they naturally emerge as FactSet's highly respected specialists and thought leaders.

Database Development

Within Product Development, the Database Development group adds to and enhances data content on FactSet's product suite, an integral piece of FactSet's solid business model. The Database Development group works closely with database engineers, application developers, salespeople, consultants, and the knowledge management, marketing, and training groups to support both internal and client database needs.

Content Specialists

Content Specialists typically investigate financial data-related issues and seek their resolutions. This group works to advance new content quality initiatives, including quality assurance test design and implementation, and problem escalation and correction procedures.

Research Specialists

Research Specialists take raw data and turn it into valuable intelligence for our clients. This group is always in tune with the way clients use their particular dataset. Research Specialists are focused on actively solving problems using technology and by working with data providers. They are skilled at translating ideas and concepts into FactSet formulas and reports.