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Our Teams

News and Market Insight

News and Market Insight

Widely recognized as a news leader in the financial industry, FactSet StreetAccount provides timely, informative news summaries to global investors so they can sift through the noise and focus on information that is critical to their investment decisions.

StreetAccount analysts and researchers help clients find and consume the intelligence they need the most by aggregating, filtering, and contextualizing real-time financial information. Researching all possible sources for news means our analysts are always in tune with the events driving the global marketplace. And because of the high quality of StreetAccount content, analyst roles are a great opportunity to gain experience in content creation – a quickly growing and constantly evolving service in the digital age.

Market News Analysts

This role involves all aspects of providing real-time content to our clients, from identifying news from a variety of sources and determining if it's material and actionable, to writing concise commentary that lets investors immediately grasp its impact. Successful candidates have a passionate interest in financial markets and a clear understanding of how news affects equities and the broader markets. As an analyst, you will need to process information quickly to create well-written, accurate, and concise written commentary.

Macro News Analysts

Macro News Analyst roles involve all aspects of summarizing market news on a macro level, including development of time-sensitive comments and more in-depth summaries. We are looking for qualified candidates to assist in the expansion of our coverage of macro market events in the US and Canada.

Research Positions

StreetAccount research positions offer an opportunity for college graduates and industry professionals to apply their research, analysis, and written communication skills to create meaningful news summaries. Our research analysts synthesize broker commentary both in anticipation of, and reaction to company-specific events including earnings releases, M&A transactions, and drug trials and approvals.