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Our Teams

Corporate Functions

Corporate Functions

Members of our corporate functions teams are closely aligned with the fundamental vision for FactSet’s future. Employees under this umbrella address the challenge of how we, as a company, can capitalize on our employees and industry relationships to stimulate an unrivaled company with an unbeatable product.


Work closely with Sales to resolve client invoice questions, ensure proper entry of orders into FactSet’s accounting systems, and confirm that orders comply with company business rules.

Global Marketing and Communications

The Global Marketing and Communications team promotes global brand awareness of all FactSet solutions to investment professionals around the world.

Third-Party Content and Strategic Partnerships

This team manages our relationships with external vendors who provide data on our workstation.

Human Resources

Employees on our HR team focus on recruiting, engaging, and retaining top talent, managing employee performance, and working to preserve our coveted company culture. The global HR team partners with various business units to help create a productive work environment that offers comprehensive benefits to all employees.

Training and Development

This department includes Client Development, which seeks to build clients' knowledge of and maximize their use of FactSet; Knowledge Management, which develops instructional content to assist our clients in using FactSet; and Talent Development, which holds regular online and classroom learning sessions to develop employees' skills and prepare new employees for successful careers at FactSet.


This team employs attorneys and legal interns to manage contract negotiations with clients and vendors who provide services to our company. It manages FactSet's real estate choices around the world to make sure our office locations are in prime areas for our clients and our employees, and advises the company on its day-to-day legal issues, including client contracts, vendor agreements, intellectual property, and acquisition activities.


Employees on the Facilities team work to keep our global offices running efficiently and effectively.