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Client Solutions Development Program

Client Solutions Development Program

If you enjoy solving problems or finding faster and better ways to answer questions and you want to work with financial data and new technology, you’ll fit right in with our Client Solutions Development Program.

As part of this entry-level position, you will begin with in-depth classroom training, followed by working with clients first over the phone. You will continue through a series of quarterly career rotations, working with clients one-on-one to fully understand their workflows and develop innovative ways to streamline research and analysis, developing instructional content to help our clients better use FactSet, and many others to best match your interests and strengths.

You’ll get a chance to interact with leaders in the financial world, network with FactSet executives, build long-lasting relationships, and gain exposure to departments across our company before choosing your ultimate career path.

This is a challenging opportunity with long-term career potential at a growing company with a unique corporate culture.

While most of our associates come directly from top-tier technical, finance, business, mathematics, or management information systems programs, graduates of all studies are encouraged to apply.

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