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Our Teams

Financial Client Consulting and Sales

Financial Client Consulting and Sales

Client Consulting

Through one-on-one contact with clients, our consultants form personal relationships with leaders in the financial industry, come to fully understand clients’ workflows, and develop innovative ways to streamline research and analysis.

Our consultants do not provide financial advice, nor do they perform management consulting functions. They do, however, become versatile business people as they expand their knowledge of financial markets and work with a diverse range of clients. As a consultant, some of your main client contacts will be sector analysts, portfolio managers, research associates, marketing administrators, and IT experts.


The FactSet sales team has a presence in almost every office around the globe. Our sales people know our clients, our business, and our clients’ business inside and out. They strategize a unique combination of products and services to help new and existing clients operate at peak efficiency. Salespeople work with the client consulting team to maintain an open relationship with each of their clients.