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Helping Investment Professionals Outperform

FactSet creates data and software solutions for tens of thousands of investment professionals around the world, providing instant access to financial data and analytics that investors use to make crucial investment decisions. We combine hundreds of databases from industry-leading suppliers with our clients’ own proprietary data to deliver a one-stop source for financial information.

helping investment professionals outperform

How We Work

FactSet's success is due to the fantastic engineers, product developers, support and sales specialists, trainers, marketers, and other corporate function professionals who make usus.

    Client Solutions Development Program

    Client Solutions Development Program
    Client Solutions Development Program
    If you enjoy solving problems or finding faster and better ways to answer questions and you want to work with financial data and new technology, you’ll fit right in with our Client Solutions Development Program.

    As part of this entry-level position, you will begin with in-depth classroom training, followed by working with clients first over the phone. You will continue through a series of quarterly career rotations, working with clients one-on-one to fully understand their workflows and develop innovative ways to streamline research and analysis, developing instructional content to help our clients better use FactSet, and many others to best match your interests and strengths.

    You’ll get a chance to interact with leaders in the financial world, network with FactSet executives, build long-lasting relationships, and gain exposure to departments across our company before choosing your ultimate career path.

    This is a challenging opportunity with long-term career potential at a growing company with a unique corporate culture.

    While most of our associates come directly from top-tier technical, finance, business, mathematics, or management information systems programs, graduates of all studies are encouraged to apply.

    Everything I do has an impact on my clients' impression of FactSet. Markets are moving so quickly and it makes my job exciting. Every day, I come to work expecting to solve unique issues.

    Edwina, Consultant

    Client Consulting & Sales

    Client Consulting and Sales
    Client Consulting & Sales
    Client Consulting
    Through one-on-one contact with clients, our consultants form personal relationships with leaders in the financial industry, come to fully understand clients’ workflows, and develop innovative ways to streamline research and analysis.

    Our consultants do not provide financial advice, nor do they perform management consulting functions. They do, however, become versatile business people as they expand their knowledge of financial markets and work with a diverse range of clients. As a consultant, some of your main client contacts will be sector analysts, portfolio managers, research associates, marketing administrators, and IT experts.

    The FactSet sales team has a presence in almost every office around the globe. Our sales people know our clients, our business, and our clients’ business inside and out. They strategize a unique combination of products and services to help new and existing clients operate at peak efficiency. Salespeople work with the client consulting team to maintain an open relationship with each of their clients.

    The best part about working at FactSet is that you get the chance to meet a lot of influential people from the financial services industry. You get to know more about their insights and their views on the industry.

    Divya, Senior Consultant

    Product Development

    Product Development
    Product Development

    As a member of FactSet’s product development team, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with every department in the company and work closely with colleagues at all levels. Our product developers are highly attuned to what's going on in the financial industry, as well as what our clients need to do their jobs effectively so they naturally emerge as FactSet's highly respected specialists and thought leaders.

    Database Development
    Within Product Development, the Database Development group adds to and enhances data content on FactSet's product suite, an integral piece of FactSet's solid business model. The Database Development group works closely with database engineers, application developers, salespeople, consultants, and the knowledge management, marketing, and training groups to support both internal and client database needs.

    Content Specialists
    Content Specialists typically investigate financial data-related issues and seek their resolutions. This group works to advance new content quality initiatives including quality assurance test design and implementation, problem escalation, and correction procedures.

    Research Specialists
    Research Specialists take raw data and turn it into valuable intelligence for our clients. This group is always in tune with the way clients use their particular dataset. Research Specialists are focused on actively solving problems using technology and by working with data providers. They are skilled at translating ideas and concepts into FactSet formulas and reports.

    My coworkers are smart, inquisitive, and prosperous and the work environment at FactSet is intellectually stimulating. Employees on all levels are empowered to leverage connections, think critically, and solve problems.

    Daniel, Senior Content Manager



    As an engineer at a global financial technology company, you’ll be an integral part of FactSet's success. Our Engineering team is composed of highly talented and motivated individuals who value using cutting-edge technology to present creative solutions. Our engineers find the right balance between FactSet's flexible environment where everyone can contribute individually, yet at the same time cultivate a community where they can depend on each other for help, learning, and development.

    Software Engineers
    FactSet Software Engineers are creative, talented professionals. They work closely with other departments to ensure FactSet's products and technologies are responsive to the changing needs of the investment community. Software Engineers design and implement applications using various technologies for integration within the FactSet product suite and deployment to investment professionals worldwide. A Software Engineer is typically responsible for all phases of development and works closely with product managers and the sales team.

    Systems Engineers
    Systems Engineers are responsible for the research, design, implementation, and support of multiple technologies in a high availability production environment. These groups interact with clients, internal departments, and external vendors to evaluate, test, and deploy technology solutions. Systems Engineers are dedicated to quality operational support and proactively monitor system performance, health, and capacity trends while responding immediately to any faults. These engineers have flexible scheduling and share on-call responsibilities as system upgrades and maintenance are frequently performed outside of normal business hours. Systems Engineering includes Network, Server, Desktop, and Security teams.

    Natural Language Processing Engineers
    This role works to develop and maintain the internal data system that supports FactSet client needs. The primary responsibility for this position is the development and maintenance of systems for processing financial data with a focus on natural language text analysis.

    The amount of business and application knowledge that is contained within FactSet's system is immense. Whether an employee is a recent college graduate or a seasoned veteran, there is always some new segment to explore and learn.

    Michael, Principal Software Engineer

    Global Data Collection

    Global Data Collection
    Global Data Collection

    As a member of FactSet's content operations team, you’ll be responsible for collecting proprietary company data. FactSet's content teams work on various databases and are responsible for researching, adding, parsing, storing, and updating abundant financial information. This also means tracking linkages between companies, securities, people, and other related entities that are managed using an entity-centric hub-and-spoke model.

    The research conducted for Content Collection ensures that FactSet's clients will receive the most reliable, up-to-date information available from public and private companies to economic information. Content Collection positions focus on development of our ever-evolving databases including FactSet Fundamentals, FactSet Estimates, FactSet Ownership, and FactSet Events and Transcripts.

    People here are genuinely interested in finance, data, and technology. They're curious, listen to their colleagues and clients, and spend time investigating solutions and new ideas.

    Nina, Principal Content Manager

    News & Market Insight

    News and Market Insight
    News & Market Insight

    Widely recognized as a news leader in the financial industry, FactSet StreetAccount provides timely, informative news summaries to global investors so they can sift through the noise and focus on information that is critical to their investment decisions.

    StreetAccount analysts and researchers help clients find and consume the intelligence they need the most by aggregating, filtering, and contextualizing real-time financial information. Researching all possible sources for news means our analysts are always in tune with the events driving the global marketplace. And because of the high quality of StreetAccount content, analyst roles are a great opportunity to gain experience in content creationa quickly growing and constantly evolving service in the digital age.

    Market News Analysts
    This role involves all aspects of providing real-time content to our clients, from identifying news from a variety of sources and determining if it's material and actionable, to writing concise commentary that lets investors immediately grasp its impact. Successful candidates have a passionate interest in financial markets and a clear understanding of how news affects equities and the broader markets. As an analyst, you will need to process information quickly to create well-written, accurate, and concise written commentary.

    Macro News Analysts
    Macro News Analyst roles involve all aspects of summarizing market news on a macro level, including development of time-sensitive comments and more in-depth summaries. We are looking for qualified candidates to assist in the expansion of our coverage of macro market events in the US and Canada.

    Research Positions
    StreetAccount research positions offer an opportunity for college graduates and industry professionals to apply their research, analysis, and written communication skills to create meaningful news summaries. Our research analysts synthesize broker commentary both in anticipation of and in reaction to company-specific events, including earnings releases, M&A transactions, and drug trials and approvals.

    FactSet is all about the people. I interact with colleagues all over the world, with different cultural backgrounds and levels of seniority, and yet I have never met anyone I do not enjoy working with.

    Amanda, Event Specialist

    Enterprise Solutions

    Enterprise Solutions
    Enterprise Solutions

    Information Systems
    Information Systems designs and supports internal software systems that allow employees to access and manage information about products and corporate metrics. This includes solutions for product development, content, and user engagement.

    Corporate Systems
    Corporate Systems designs and supports internal software systems, as well as integrated SaaS solutions, to serve our operational and strategic needs; this includes solutions for Marketing, Sales, Customer Relationship Management, Human Capital Management, Finance, and other back office workflows.

    Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance professionals collaborate heavily with Product Development and Engineering to create application requirements and develop testing strategies. QA analysts and test engineers join forces to facilitate an agile development life cycle in which problems are addressed early on.

    Project Management
    Our Project Management team enables consistent project success throughout the organization by guiding key projects to conclusion. Project managers support the company’s strategic planning initiatives, set project life cycle standards, and help mentor teams to adopt industry standard practices.

    Business Process & Change
    The Business Process & Change team facilitates sustainable and transformative change throughout our corporate portfolio. Business analysts and change management practitioners collaborate with our business partners and technologists to help transform business needs into workable solutions using industry standard practices.

    Business Intelligence
    Our Business Intelligence team collects and combines corporate data, performs analysis, and presents rich visualizations to help FactSet employees understand the metrics that shape their world. Through governance and close collaboration with business partners throughout the organization, we provide insight into key performance indicators, empowering consistent data-driven decision making across the enterprise.

    Every day at FactSet, I encounter a new challenge, and I enjoy the problem-solving aspect. FactSetters are curious and knowledgeable and I love collaborating with people across all different groups to create the best solution. Our solutions are shaped by our teamwork and the cross-departmental collaboration is unmatched.

    Katherine, Senior Training Specialist

    Corporate Functions

    Corporate Functions
    Corporate Functions

    Members of our corporate functions team are closely aligned with the fundamental vision for FactSet’s future. Employees under this umbrella address the challenge of how we, as a company, can capitalize on our employees and industry relationships to stimulate an unrivaled company with an unbeatable product.

    Work closely with Sales to resolve client invoice questions, ensure proper entry of orders into FactSet’s accounting systems, and confirm that orders comply with company business rules.

    Global Marketing & Communications
    The Global Marketing & Communications team promotes global brand awareness of all FactSet solutions to investment professionals around the world.

    Third-Party Content & Strategic Partnerships
    This team manages our relationships with external vendors who provide data on our workstation.

    Human Resources
    Employees on our HR team focus on recruiting, engaging, retaining top talent, managing employee performance, and working to preserve our coveted company culture. The global HR team partners with various business units to help create a productive work environment that offers comprehensive benefits to all employees.

    Training & Development
    This department includes Client Development, which seeks to build clients' knowledge of and maximize their use of FactSet; Knowledge Management, which develops instructional content to assist our clients in using FactSet; and Talent Development, which holds regular online and classroom learning sessions to develop employees' skills and prepare new employees for successful careers at FactSet.

    This team employs attorneys and legal interns to manage contract negotiations with clients and vendors who provide services to our company. It manages FactSet's real estate choices around the world to make sure our office locations are in prime areas for our clients and our employees, and advises the company on its day-to-day legal issues, including client contracts, vendor agreements, intellectual property, and acquisition activities.

    Employees on the Facilities team work to keep our global offices running efficiently and effectively.

    We are a company of high-achievers but never at the expense of one another's success. Our leaders embody collaboration, inclusiveness, and diversity, and these strong values trickle down throughout their teams. As a result, success is a group phenomenon, not an individual one.

    Peter, Recruiting Specialist

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