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Our Departments


With our strong focus on technology, FactSet Engineers are a vital part of the company's success. Our engineering teams are filled with highly motivated, extremely talented individuals who develop creative solutions using cutting-edge technology.

Software Engineering here is treated like an art. Simplicity, elegance with an underlying solid business purpose is the common theme of everything that is developed here at FactSet. Learn more about our technology and the types of engineers we hire.

Content Collection

The Content Collection Department is associated with collecting proprietary company data. The Content teams work on various databases and are responsible for researching, adding, parsing, storing and updating abundant financial information useful for Investors. Currently, the team focuses on the collection of the following FactSet datasets: Ownership, Global Earnings Estimates, Global Entities, Fixed Income, Global Filings, Venture Capital & Private Equity, M&A Data, and Economics. One of the key challenges of researching and collecting this kind of financial data is handling linkages between companies, securities, people, and other related entities, which is effectively managed by the FactSet Content Collection team using an entity-centric hub-and-spoke model.

FactSet Fundamentals

FactSet Fundamentals tracks the health and wealth of public and select private companies by presenting companies’ financial statements and other reports and filings so investors can see how a company is doing, what its plans are, and where it faces challenges.

FactSet CallStreet

CallStreet provides verbatim transcripts of the companies' publicly held financial conference calls. Professionals listen to the recorded call and either type every word heard or voice-write every word of the call using sophisticated software. Once transcribing is complete, the file is set for further review and editing. The calls include earnings calls, analyst/shareholder meetings, guidance, sales results, and special/M&A, as well as conferences.

Unwavering focus on timeliness and quality makes CallStreet one of the best products in the market. With the help of our experienced and extremely talented employees and cutting-edge technology, we deliver timely and accurate conference call transcripts to investment professionals around the world. We also provide upcoming corporate events and important company investor relations’ contact information.

Development Operations

Development Operations provides financial data quality assurance for all types of content on the FactSet platform. Development Operations supports the Onshore Product Development teams in ensuring clients that the expectations of FactSet's data quality are met. The team performs mission-critical processes on some of the most important and visible product offerings focusing on quality assurance, database maintenance and daily production. With a current team size of over 50 professionals, we contribute to the following content areas: real-time data, global end of day prices, corporate actions, symbology, fundamentals, economics, estimates, benchmarks, fixed income, portfolio analytics, SPAR, research management solutions, contribution sales, and FactSet industry classifications.

Application QA

Application QA provides financial application quality operations for all types of FactSet-developed operations.

The team tests server code, chart objects, Microsoft Office integration modules, and real-time access codes. Since the team members are the last ones to verify the software before it is released to the clients, the job is challenging and exciting.