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Research Management Solutions

Research Management Solutions

Maximize Performance Through Internal Research

Encourage collaboration with FactSet’s market-leading RMS. Leverage your firm’s internal research to inform decisions that will improve portfolio performance. Identify discrepancies between broker recommendations and your analysts' recommendations, and effectively track analyst performance against standard or custom benchmarks. Meet the due diligence requirements of your investments, and be able to provide transparency to regulators and investors.

Tailor Your Research Workflow

Customize your research notes with the fields and metrics your firm monitors to analyze your investment universe. Incorporate rating notes for your external managers, and include Buy, Sell, and Hold recommendations for your equity research updates. Stay on top of internal notes and information with real-time notifications, and set permissions to define who can access, edit, or delete research.

Leverage FactSet RMS as Your CRM

FactSet RMS offers a highly configurable and fully integrated client relationship management tool that will grow with your firm’s evolving business needs. Enable easy access to client relationship information and provide firmwide visibility into key contact relationships. Generate pipeline reports detailing your firm’s communications with investors to measure the success of your team’s engagements with contacts.

Take Your Research On the Road

Use FactSet RMS mobile apps to access, create, or collaborate on research while away from your desk. Email notes to FactSet RMS to quickly store and share research and ideas.

Integrate Research Into Your Process

Try FactSet RMS as a standalone product, or benefit from seamless integration with applications you already use, including Microsoft Office and the FactSet Workstation. Capture research, documents, and notes in the platform you use to analyze watch lists, portfolios, and daily market movements. Incorporate your research into your news feed, annotated charts, quote displays, and reports.

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Asset Managers

Leverage FactSet RMS for more than just a data repository. Manage the entire investment process from idea generation to execution to optimize return and attract investors. Combine research and data from multiple systems and implement custom workflows to create a collaborative and repeatable investment process. Cultivate relationships using the solution’s CRM capabilities. Discover new opportunities and glean insights by creating relationships between research, companies, and contacts.

Quantify the impact of analyst research by constructing a performance measurement solution with FactSet APM. Seamless integration between FactSet RMS and our powerful Portfolio Analytics suite creates a dynamic performance management system that helps you learn from the behavior, recommendations, and results of your analysts.


Use FactSet RMS to inspire fresh ideas and insightful counsel for your clients. Implement your own proprietary review process of managers and funds in addition to storing notes and documents. Store fund level performance and data attribution on a time-series basis. Manage your clients, contacts, funds, and research in a centralized location. Leverage robust CRM capabilities to record and improve each interaction with a contact. Group and filter contacts by location, asset class, or company to uncover linkages, and synchronize FactSet RMS with Microsoft Outlook to minimize data re-entry.

Endowments, Foundations, Pension Funds, and Sovereign Wealth

FactSet RMS makes the investment and due diligence process efficient and transparent, so you can make more informed investment decisions to bring a brighter future to universities, charities, retirees, and families. Fuel returns and initiatives for your institution, and leverage robust CRM capabilities to record each interaction with a contact and ensure the next is personable and efficient.

Fund of Funds

Make more informed investment decisions to help bring a brighter future to your investors. Fuel returns and initiatives for your institution, and leverage robust CRM capabilities to record each interaction with a contact and ensure the next is personable and efficient.

Private Equity

Create value by unearthing growing companies and transforming them into market leaders. Use FactSet RMS to transform research, workflows, and data from multiple systems into an efficient and repeatable due diligence process. Save your research, presentations, and financial and legal information to FactSet RMS for quick and organized retrieval. Capture company details to make cross-firm collaboration seamless.

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