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Reporting Tools

Reporting Tools

Leverage FactSet's integrated reporting tools to create compliance-ready documents.

Streamline Reporting

FactSet’s publishing tools allow you to combine key portfolio analytics with your proprietary content in a presentation-ready document or data file. Customize the design of each document to reflect your corporate identity.

Build Dynamic Reports and Charts

Understand what’s moving the market and stay in line with global regulations by building customized charts in FactSet. Choose from our library of presentation-ready charts covering all major indicators. Flexible report options, such as the ability to remove seasonal effects or look at data in real versus nominal terms, let you view the data the way you need to, and transform your research into results.

Access FactSet's Solutions for Composite Management

FactSet’s composite management tool for GIPS® standards is a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates with your FactSet portfolios, data, and workflows to help you maintain compliance and adhere to the provisions of GIPS (Global Investment Performance Standards).

Generate Reports with Verification in Mind

Choose from customizable reports or FactSet templates to view data, identify issues, and share information with clients. Toggle between live and vaulted data with support provided for multiple currencies. Benefit from returns-based analytics that go beyond GIPS standards. Access your data via FactSet’s returns-based, portfolio performance, and data extraction tools.

FactSet News and Insight

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