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Tools for Microsoft Office

Tools for Microsoft Office

FactSet helps you reduce the time it takes to create and update models and presentations.

Work With the Latest Data

  • Build auditable models with one-click access to underlying calculations and source documents
  • FactSet’s Sidebar functionality lets you bring data and text from PDF and HTML documents directly into your models while preserving an audit trail back to the
    source file
  • Insert refreshable financial data into your Excel models; select a cell in your model to view context information, source file name and path/URL, and the link creation date

Effortlessly Build Reports

  • Use FactSet's presentation tools to link models, text, tables, and charts from Excel to Word and PowerPoint
  • Insert and update the latest market data directly into Word and PowerPoint
  • Create and update charts from any application in FactSet and present them in your firm's standard templates

Update Dynamic Charts

  • Choose from a variety of charts and graphs generated in your firm’s corporate style, or create custom charts using any FactSet dataset
  • Change inputs such as ticker, date, and frequency, and add transformation options like moving averages and lags to help you quantify and analyze relationships
  • Link FactSet charts to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel simply by clicking the Refresh button
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    FactSet News and Insight

    Second Highest Number of S&P 500 Companies Issuing Positive EPS Guidance for Q2 Since 2006

    The number of companies issuing negative EPS is below the five-year average, while the number of companies issuing positive EPS guidance is well above the five-year average.

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