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Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

FactSet's mobile apps are everywhere you go. 

Take FactSet With You

  • Contextual content keeps you updated with the latest news on top markets and the companies that you care about most
  • View market performance for a variety of regions and security types
  • Monitor real-time portfolio performance against a benchmark
  • Stay updated on watchlist activity and make edits that sync across FactSet
  • Access company/security quote activity, event details, estimates data, and more
  • Flexible charting options for securities of any type

Download the FactSet app.

To launch any FactSet mobile app, you will need your FactSet user name and serial number. 

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FactSet News and Insight

Where Are Analysts Most Optimistic on Ratings for the S&P 500 for Q2?

At the sector level, analysts are most optimistic on the Information Technology (59%), Health Care (59%), and Energy (59%) sectors.

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