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Market Analytics

Market Analytics

Transform your research into results with a complete macroeconomic research solution. 

Integrate Data for In-Depth Analysis

FactSet makes it easy to incorporate different types of data such as fundamentals, country factors, and commodity prices in a single view. Track every important event on the horizon in real time with access to event details just minutes after they are released. Add transformation options such as moving averages and lags to help you quantify and analyze relationships.

Build Dynamic Reports and Charts

Understand what’s moving the market by building customized charts in FactSet; choose from our library of presentation-ready charts covering all major indicators. Flexible report options, such as the ability to remove seasonal effects or look at data in real versus nominal terms, let you view the data the way you need to, and transform your research into results.

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FactSet News and Insight

As GE Restructures, Spin Offs Could Bring Focus

The short- and long-term future of GE remains uncertain but spin-offs are likely.

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