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Index Solutions

Index Solutions

Unlock and Maximize Value with FactSet Index Solutions

Driven by a team of professionals dedicated to index creation, FactSet Index Solutions address difficult-to-access dimensions of the capital market. We help investors and product developers sharpen their concept, enhance methodology and testing, refine securities and factors selection, and create investable products with enduring impact and competitive advantages.

Some of the market’s most novel indexes are powered by FactSet’s proprietary and unique content. We were the first to help create a series of smart-beta indexes, the Dynamic Pharmaceutical Intellidex, with NYSE in 2005.

If you have a challenging idea, an emerging concept, or a daring innovation,  about collaborating to build a solution.

FactSet News and Insight

Record Number of S&P 500 Companies issued Positive Revenue Guidance for Q3

This quarter may tie Q4'10 for the third most S&P 500 companies issuing positive EPS guidance for a quarter since FactSet began tracking the data in 2006.

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