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FactSet RMS Partners

FactSet RMS Partners

Leverage FactSet's Research Publication and Distribution Tool

Gain far greater control of your data management, authoring, compliance, and distribution process with FactSet RMS Partners, FactSet’s research publication and distribution tool.

  • Easily author and distribute research reports, morning notes, and sector reports to increase communication with your clients
  • Combine your model data with FactSet data and other commercial market data in one centralized database
  • Design custom report and presentation templates that automatically populate with your approved model data and compliance disclosures alongside market data from FactSet
  • Distribute your research and model data to electronic publishers, research consolidators, individual clients, internal departments, and more
  • Automatically create dynamic, tailored HTML emails with embedded readership tracking
  • Manage client relationships with regulated, objective performance reports

Our powerful tailored solutions help you streamline your research production workflow. Learn why our clients find FactSet to be the most scalable and flexible solution available.

Read our case studies:

E. Öhman J:or Fondkommission AB

In August 2010, E. Öhman J:or Fondkommission AB fully replaced their in-house developed research database with the FactSet RMS Partners solution. Throughout the transition and still today, Öhman found Partners to be completely flexible, meeting their research production needs.

FactSet RMS Partners Benefits to Öhman Fondkommission:

  • During the project, Öhman made changes to the layout and design of their research templates. The flexibility of the Partners solution made the implementation of the changes easy.
  • The Partners Excel data extraction tools allow Öhman's analysts to easily create sophisticated valuation reports, which are distributed to clients.
  • Öhman takes advantage of FactSet DataFeeds to automatically populate their research with FactSet Estimates data and their proprietary model data.
  • FactSet RMS Partners provides Öhman with the tools and knowledge to build a flexible workflow to support all their current and future report needs.
  • FactSet RMS Partners continues to work closely with Öhman to develop and support integration with CRM and website publishing.

Goodbody is one of Ireland’s longest established stockbroking firms and continues to develop and move with the times. With a sufficient proportion of its revenues coming from outside Ireland, they have expanded their research coverage beyond purely Irish-based stocks. FactSet RMS Partners was able to help them compete as they moved out of Ireland by providing the necessary improvements in infrastructure.

FactSet RMS Partners Benefits to Goodbody:

  • FactSet RMS Partners provides a stable production platform which allows the distinct audit trails and workflows Goodbody requires.
  • The report harmonization process of the Partners deployment ensures a standardized format across all Goodbody reports.
  • The FactSet RMS Partners data upload lets Goodbody better control the quality of the data within their database.
  • Goodbody relies on the flexibility of the FactSet RMS Partners system to create and automate complex daily reports for valuation.
  • FactSet RMS Partners’ sophisticated and user-friendly tools for data retrieval gives Goodbody the flexibility to create complex views across sectors, mapping proprietary estimates against the consensus and across currencies.
  • Goodbody takes advantage of FactSet's data feeds to automatically populate their research with FactSet Estimates data and their proprietary model data.
Investec Bank PLC

At the end of 2011, Investec bought Evolution Securities, a long standing client of FactSet and the Partners solution. Investec is a very dynamic and entrepreneurial group with their Investment Banking and Securities arm keenly positioned between the UK boutiques and the bulge brackets. As Investec started the process of integration, FactSet RMS Partners was there to help smooth the integration process and bring the two research groups together.

FactSet RMS Partners Benefits to Investec Bank:

  • The transparency of FactSet RMS Partners and the Administrative tools let Investec delve into the core of the database to easily access their data and modify their methodology.
  • The flexibility of the system and project management ability of the FactSet RMS Partners team produced a quick and smooth deployment in step with the broader integration process.
  • FactSet RMS Partners has provided Investec with continued development as they advance the look and feel of their research offering.
  • Investec takes advantage of FactSet DataFeeds to automatically populate their research with FactSet Estimates, FactSet Fundamentals, and commodities data along with their proprietary model data.
  • The flexible nature of the Partners database allows it to seamlessly link into other systems such as web sites, CRM systems, and mobile apps, letting Investec access their data in different environments.
  • FactSet continues to provide Investec with unlimited training on an individual basis for all analysts and administrators. The administrators were also fully trained in the creation of new reports, giving Investec the full control and independence they require.