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Equity Analytics

Equity Analytics

FactSet is the only information resource you need to research tens of thousands of public and private companies worldwide.

Analyze Companies and Industries

  • Track your coverage lists and industry’s performance in real time, view streaming news, create custom news and quote alerts, and chart a variety of market data
  • Analyze easy-to-read reports with information on thousands of public and private companies and private equity firms
  • Identify equity and fixed income securities that meet specific financial and non-financial criteria across all databases simultaneously
  • Share, track, and organize investment ideas across your research team
  • Examine a company’s entity structure to quickly research parent companies, subsidiaries, and operating divisions; access a company’s capital structure to quickly look into debt instruments as well as historical credit analysis, credit spreads, and CDS data

Track Market Activity

  • Know what's impacting the market with streaming news and research including the latest and upcoming economic releases and earnings calls, as well as breaking M&A and ownership news and trends.
  • View the performance of comp lists, sectors, indices, currencies, commodities, and more

Complete Your Research and Reporting

  • Use single entity-level identifier to effectively manage market data as well as reference data by exposing a comprehensive taxonomy of linkages and hierarchies between entities, securities, people, and funds
  • Build powerful models, reports, and presentations in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint with custom data formatted to reflect your firm’s identity
  • Generate and distribute research reports combining your proprietary content and commercial market data
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ETF Fee Compression: A Snapshot

So far in 2018, as in 2017 and 2016, investors have been rewarding asset managers who offer rock-bottom costs, and punishing those who charge a premium.

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