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Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions That Transform the Investment Process

Revenue pressures and FinTech competition have spawned a digital transformation affecting asset management, wealth management, private and retail banking, online brokerage, and the media. Today’s financial institutions must provide a tailored digital investment solution to connect with customers.

FactSet Digital Solutions operates an intelligent, cloud-based platform that integrates and normalizes investment product information, market data, portfolios and proprietary content, and core banking systems to power institutional and retail web portals, mobile and tablet solutions, and powerful APIs with real-time data.

We aggregate and analyze billions of data updates from hundreds of global sources per day to feed actionable information to advisors and self-directed investors via decision-support tools and analytics, robo-algorithms, extensive charting and displays, sophisticated search functions, and advisory tools.

Our Digital Solutions deliver a personalized and predictive digital experience to our customers:

  • Enhance identification and knowledge of client requirements using big data, web analytics, and social media.
  • Combine customer insights with a broad range of data to generate relevant suggestions for a personalized digital experience.
  • Stay connected with online and mobile platforms.
  • Dynamically publish streaming or static data, which can be used on a per-user and a per-application basis for tightly controlled delivery and detailed usage tracking.
  • Robo advice for self-directed investors.

With FactSet, you can modernize your investment process, save time, reduce operating costs, and ease administrative and compliance burdens, while increasing customer satisfaction.

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