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Deal Analytics

Deal Analytics

Access a suite of deal intelligence tools designed to meet your complex research needs.

Examine Deal Activity

  • Instantly find specific data within hundreds of thousands of prospectuses, SEC filings, and M&A documents from all over the world
  • Build league tables and volume totals; access precedent transaction reports covering global deal activities including private placements and poison pills
  • Analyze qualitative aspects of transactions with insight into specifically negotiated merger agreements, deal protection provisions, and advisory fees
  • Link back to source documents and search for all SEC documents associated with a transaction
  • Create deal books that incorporate key deal documents, exhibits, and more

Analyze Corporate Governance and Activism Data

  • Perform thorough analysis of takeover defense and corporate governance data
  • Evaluate a company’s defensive characteristics and quantify defense protection relative to peers
  • Create custom reports and defense profiles that compile a company’s articles of incorporation, bylaws, shareholder rights plans, and more
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