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Collaboration and Messaging

Collaboration and Messaging

Secure Collaboration, Without Limits

For today’s financial professionals, information must flow freely, but securely, both within and among firms, on any device. FactSet’s partnership with Symphony’s messaging platform removes collaboration roadblocks so you can easily share data, information, and knowledge between systems—and people.

Your collaboration platform should promote free-flowing ideas, not disrupt them by forcing you to switch from one system to another. Symphony seamlessly integrates with FactSet’s market data, research, trading, and analytics tools, giving your conversations context without interruption.

Secure connections let you network with a vetted global directory, broadening your community while maintaining compliance. Contact research authors as you read their reports within FactSet, or share charts and notes with any Symphony user, in or outside of your firm.

Tags and financial data objects organize your communications so you can easily pull relevant documents for ideas, M&A deals, or other initiatives, even as you’re walking into a meeting. They also provide quick launching points from Symphony to the Workstation.