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Professional Services

Professional Services

Professional Services

Designed to help you accomplish extensive projects or implementations, FactSet’s Professional Services group offers an even higher level of dedication than our industry-leading support team. Rely on our team of experts to help navigate large-scale initiatives, create a seamless FactSet deployment and onboarding experience, or assist with the management of significant firm-wide changes, such as mergers and acquisitions and feed migrations.

With FactSet’s Business Advisory, Implementation, and Transition services, you receive experienced and professional project management, use of FactSet’s implementation tools and best practices, and decreased time-to-market without having to manage multiple points of contact.

What Is Included With Professional Services?

  • A Business Strategist: Leading your project will be one of the most tenured people in our Global Client Solutions organization, who will bring and have a wealth of experience using FactSet’s software. All of our strategists have professional project management certifications to ensure engagements are efficient and many also carry industry certifications like CFA charters and CIPM certifications.
  • Project Management Software: Our centralized project management hub gives you with access to a master plan for your project and allows you to monitor progress with timely status updates, view a dynamic list of deliverables, and communicate with the implementation team in a real-time.
  • Project Reporting: Engagements can run for months at a time. Your business strategist provides frequent updates and reports so you always know where things stand.
  • Post-Engagement Review Documents: At the end of the project, your business strategist will provide full documentation of your solution that outlines any customization or escalation procedures.

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Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory Services provide consultative advice to our clients around FactSet reporting, data management, and other key FactSet workflows. Some of the areas where this service could help are:

  • Managed Reporting, which lets you outsource your monthly, quarterly, or annual reporting processes to FactSet. Your firm sends FactSet data and lets us manage report creation, production, and distribution.
  • Workflow Solutions, which lets you capitalize on the vast amounts of data that FactSet can offer. If there is an investment theme you are looking to research, FactSet can help pull the data together and create a standardized workflow for your team.

Although every project is different, here’s what you can expect with Business Advisory services:

  • FactSet can supplement your staff and create workflows to ensure deadlines are met. 
  • Your Business Strategist meets with your firm to uncover pain points.
  • Recommendations are made by the Business Strategist to improve existing operations. 
  • Workflows are created by the Business Strategist and a group of analysts is assigned to monitor those workflows and produce the necessary reports.
  • Reports are delivered to your firm each month.

Implementation Services

For complex FactSet implementations, particularly those involving our Analytics suite of products, FactSet's Implementation Services include access to professional project managers, process management tools, and additional deliverables designed to track progress.

 Although every project is different, here’s what you can expect with Implementation Services:

  • You’ll be assigned a Business Strategist and Data Integration Specialist.
  • The Business Strategist meets with your firm’s technology and business leads to define the goals of the implementation.
  • The deliverables are loaded into your project management hub and tracked throughout the engagement.
  • Timelines and ownership for each step of the implementation are defined in the project management hub.
  • The Business Strategist forms a team of appropriate FactSet specialists to ensure the implementation runs efficiently.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly calls are scheduled to keep things moving.
  • FactSet’s implementation team works on-site and from FactSet offices to implement all solutions.
  • A formal closeout meeting ensures all deliverables are complete and the Post-Engagement Review document is delivered. 

Transition Services

Transition Services help FactSet clients with the management of significant firm-wide changes, including merger and acquisition activity affecting FactSet environments and the migration of systems used for investment operations. For example, you may need Transition Services if your firm acquires another firm that also uses FactSet, or if different teams within your firm are restructuring and changing how they use data and analytics.

Although every project is different, here’s what you can expect with Transition Services: 

  • You are assigned a Business Strategist to lead the engagement following our Transition Services framework.
  • An internal audit is conducted by the Business Strategist in partnership with your account team.
  • The Business Strategist meets with key technology contacts and end users to understand what needs to be available in the future state.
  • Requirements are loaded into the project management hub for monitoring.
  • The Business Strategist works with FactSet security, legal, subscriptions, data integration, portfolio services, and specialty teams to ensure the new environment meets your needs.
  • A formal close-out meeting ensures all deliverables are completed and the Post-Engagement Review document is delivered. 

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