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Private Equity

Private Equity

Invest with Confidence

  • Find new investment opportunities
  • Leverage relationships
  • Perform your research faster
  • Rely on deep, granular levels of data
  • Easily customize reports and presentations

FactSet for Private Equity combines relevant market information with advanced analytics so you can find new investment opportunities, value portfolio companies, and evaluate exit opportunities within a single, intuitive platform.

Stay up-to-date with access to robust market-related activity, including M&A transactions, recent financing, and market trends and indicators. Whether you are looking for new investments or add-on acquisitions, discover targets that are in line with your investment theory. FactSet gives you the tools to understand all potential strategies to maximize exit valuation.

FactSet News and Insight

The Biggest Myths in Net Asset Value

Why “Net Asset Values,” calculated by all mutual funds and ETFs, are not as certain as they seem.

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