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StreetAccount News

StreetAccount News

With real-time, distilled market-moving information, FactSet StreetAccount gives you instant access to crucial intelligence for the companies and markets you care about.

Scope and Coverage

  • Comprehensive U.S. and European company coverage (and expanding Canadian and Asia Pacific coverage) by scanning all possible sources for corporate news, such as corporate conference calls, FDA and EU drug approvals, SEC filings, FTC antitrust decisions, brokerage firm upgrades/downgrades, and trading floor conjecture.
  • Around-the-clock market summaries of the U.S., European, and Asian markets including overnight summaries, pre-market futures trading updates, and sector highlights.
  • Currently StreetAccount headlines and stories are available back to 2003.


  • Filter out the noise and quickly find relevant news with FactSet's News display.
  • Access market commentary through overnight summary snapshots; pre-market futures trading updates; and pre-market, intraday, after-hours stock trading information; and sector highlights.
  • Filter StreetAccount news so that you can see the most relevant stories first: by stock, portfolio, index, keyword, or date range.
  • Create alerts to notify you when a news story from FactSet StreetAccount matches your specified criteria; receive alert notifications via pop-up display, audio, or email.
  • Access FactSet StreetAcount news on your mobile device, carrying over any portfolios, watch lists, or filters you've saved.
FactSet News and Insight

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