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The FactSet Research Desk

For over 10 years, FactSet has continued to build our collection of global datasets offering you the most accurate information and unparalleled transparency. The FactSet Research Desk complements FactSet-sourced data with thought leadership, commentary, and research reports.

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Our Reports

Commodity Update

Quarterly update on global commodities prices and related metrics.

  • Multiple return horizons for futures contracts and indices
  • Analyst estimates on commodities prices alongside futures curves
  • Illustrations of historical and projected growth of related metrics by sector, including production per day, capital expenditures, and exploration expense

Economic Insight

Monthly research and analysis into topics affecting the global economy.

  • Details on how a country's yield curve can be an indicator of economic stability
  • Insight into unemployment rates and other measures
  • Predictions for economic estimates on the path of the U.S. economy

Ownership Quarterly

Analysis of top-level equity exposures and trends within the largest institutional investors and hedge funds.

  • Institutional Report Highlights: Insight into the most popular institutional holdings as well as securities that are rapidly gaining and losing favor

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  • Hedge Fund Report Highlights: An analysis of the fifty largest hedge funds and their largest portfolio holdings, purchases, and sales

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Market Insight

Analysis of a topical event in the news or a specific industry-focused metric, published on an ad-hoc basis.

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Earnings Insight

Weekly in-depth look at earnings trends of companies in the S&P 500 index.

  • Key metrics to analyze corporate revenues and earnings using FactSet Estimates
  • Extensive historical data from FactSet Market Aggregates on sector- and index-level valuations
  • Comparison of annual estimates from industry analysts (bottoms-up) relative to strategists (top-down) at the index-level

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Targets and Ratings: U.S.

Quarterly examination of the trends in target prices and recommendations for companies in the S&P 500 index.

  • Aggregate data on the number of buy, hold, and sell ratings at the sector and index level
  • A breakdown of companies with the highest percentages of buy, hold, and sell ratings
  • A comparison of the aggregate, index-level target price from industry analysts relative to the mean target price from strategists
  • A look at companies with the highest percentage of upside or downside differences between their mean target and closing price

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Guidance Quarterly

Analysis of EPS and sales guidance trends for companies in the S&P 500 index.

  • Aggregate sector-level and historical data on EPS and sales guidance for the current quarter, prior quarter, and current year
  • A comparison of EPS guidance to estimated and actual earnings at the company- and sector-level
  • An analysis of price performance of companies issuing EPS guidance

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Industry Insight: Retail

Monthly update on the operating results of approximately 200 U.S. retailers.

  • Same store sales (“SSS”) analysis of both analyst expectations and company results from fifteen retail sub-industries
  • SSS scorecard shows the percent of retailers beating, hitting, and missing expectations by sub-industry
  • SSS guidance figures by sub-industry for both the current quarter and year
  • Additional metrics on operating margins, P/E valuations, and inventory management

Initial Public Offerings

Quarterly analysis of trends for initial public offerings (“IPOs”) of U.S. exchanges

  • Historical aggregate proceeds and offering volume for IPOs and follow-on offerings
  • Offerings broken down by sector, exchange, book runner, age, lockup duration, and gross spread
  • Performance of recent IPOs and average offering day price pops
  • IPO and follow-on offering calendar

Buyback Quarterly

Analysis of share buyback activity at the company, sector, and index levels for the S&P 500 index.

  • Examinations of buyback-related metrics including shares available for repurchase, trends in shares outstanding, and dollar-value buybacks relative to free cash flow
  • Examinations of company-level metrics, including buyback yields and repurchase prices relative to average stock prices

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Dividend Quarterly

In-depth look into the dividend trends of companies in the S&P 500.

  • Commentary on sector-level dividends per share, yields, and payout ratios
  • Comparisons of company EPS growth to short, medium, and long-term DPS growth rates
  • Backtest results of the dividend-related factors that have best predicted forward returns

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Cash and Investment Quarterly

Outline of trends in corporate cash balances and investment activities of companies in the S&P 500 index.

  • Research on capital expenditures, dividend payments, share buybacks, and M&A
  • Examinations of company, sector, and index level net long-term debt issuance
  • Backtest results examining the relevant factors to cash and corporate investments

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