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Private Company

The FactSet Private Company database covers millions of private companies. Targeted companies include top private companies, private company SEC filers, private companies with public debt, acquisitive companies with three or more deals, private equity and venture capital backed companies.

Scope and Coverage

(as of July 2012)

Number of Companies Nearly 3 million in more than 200 countries
Data History 1-10 years
Update Cycle Daily
Geographic Coverage Global scope, including North America, Asia/Far East, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Middle East

Dataset Features

  • Data points include business description, company website, headquarters and office locations, corporate structure and operating divisions, revenue and employee figures, officers and directors, private equity and/or venture capital investors, key competitors (via a 3rd-party vendor), debt issues, SEC filings, M&A and pre-IPO data, industry, and holdings information.
  • Integration of private company data into custom Excel models alongside other FactSet datasets
  • Focused universe of pertinent companies; along with the targeted companies above, additions are made based on client demand including requests received via FactSet's feedback link, which can be used to submit coverage requests on private companies or people directly through FactSet applications
  • Entity mapping efforts provide linking to subsidiaries and parents of private companies


  • Fully integrated within the FactSet Workstation
  • Standard FactSet Data Feed (Learn more >>)


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