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The FactSet People database provides personal and professional information for individuals associated with public and private companies.

Scope and Coverage

(as of April 2013)

Company Coverage

  • Public Company Executives: 1,879,382
  • Private Company Executives: 1,901,870
  • Overall People: 2,259,502

Executive Coverage

  • Number of Officers: 2,376,799
  • Number of Directors: 1,349,620
  • Number of Board Members: 1,076,239

Data Items

  • Biographies
  • Industry Designations (e.g., CFA, CPA, CAIA)
  • Employment History
  • Employment Board History
  • Contact Details

History: Active and Historical Employment History

Dataset Features

  • Drill down to access additional information, such as employment, board history, contact details, and biographies
  • View personal and professional information on an individual associated with a public or private company
  • Drill down to find a connection between two or more individuals
  • Integrate with data from FactSet Ownership to include insider holdings and transactions information for an individual


  • Fully integrated within the FactSet Workstation
  • Standard FactSet Data Feed (Learn more >>)

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