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FactSet Mutual Funds

mutual-funds.jpgPortfolio Details for Equity Mutual Funds

FactSet Mutual Funds is a contributor-based data set that includes portfolio details for equity mutual funds.

Scope and Coverage

(as of June 2012)

European Funds Covered more than 23,600
North America Funds Covered more than 10,400
Asia Pacific Funds Covered more than 3,700
Rest of World Funds Covered more than 2,000

Europe since 2003
North America since 2000
Asia since 2004

Dataset Features

  • Funds categories – Funds are categorized into Open-End Funds, Closed-End Funds, Off-Shore Funds, ETFs, Hedge Funds, Insurance Portfolios, and Pension Funds. All funds with 10% or more equity can be added to the fund information feed.
  • Portfolio details – The full equity investment details are provided for each fund: security name, position, position change, market value, and portfolio date. Non-equity investments are also represented under their respective asset classes: cash, derivatives, and fixed income.
  • Additional information – Where available, details for key investment personnel at each institution is provided, as well as the names of individual fund managers.
  • Meaningful uses – With this data you have centralized access to the portfolio details of international equity funds in a standard format to facilitate analysis. Look beyond ratings and performance criteria to run your own analysis of the funds you are considering for investment. Use the information to analyze specific funds, as well as aggregate mutual funds and measure their overall exposure to certain sectors and securities.
  • Data sources – FactSet uses publicly-available sources for its mutual fund data.  These sources are usually defined by a specific country's disclosure regulations. The report dates are usually the fiscal-period-ending data of the fund's quarterly, semiannual, or annual report.


  • Fully integrated within the FactSet Workstation as part of the FactSet Ownership database
  • Independent web-based product
  • Data feed



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