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Public Equity Offerings

FactSet Public Equity Offerings provides information on recent initial public offerings, including IPOs currently in registration, and follow-ons. The Public Equity Offerings database is fully integrated with FactSet's library of pricing, fundamental, expectational, and textual databases, including FactSet Mergers and FactSet Private Company.

Scope and Coverage

(as of September 2013)

Global IPOs 20,000+
UK Follow-ons 10,000+
U.S. Follow-ons 6,000+
Canadian Follow-ons 2,000+
Blank Checks (including Capital Pool companies) 950+

Update Cycle


Dataset Features

  • Document source linking to each offer registration statement and prospectuses
  • Follow-through for the registration process, displaying new information as it becomes available via each S-1 and ultimately the final prospectus
  • Classification of IPOs as venture capital backed or private equity backed, in addition to other IPO types
  • Multi-regional deals broken out when information is available; if shares are offered in North America and outside North America, reports will detail shares offered in each region along with syndicate members in each region
  • Blank Check companies (SPACs/TACs) directly linked to the M&A deal when acquisition is announced/executed providing both IPO and M&A deal details
  • Screening on priced, in registration, withdrawn, or postponed IPO or follow-on transactions, including blank checks
  • Drill-down functionality for details of transactions along with material changes between each registration statement as well as the final prospectus


  • Fully integrated within the FactSet Workstation
  • Custom FactSet Data Feed (Learn more >>)


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