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FactSet Mergers

FactSet Mergers provides access to FactSet's Mergerstat and MergerMetrics products. Mergerstat gives you access to detailed information on announced mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures involving both public and private companies worldwide. MergerMetrics lets you analyze merger agreements to find highly negotiated aspects of a merger as well as precedent language and transactions.


(as of September 2013)

Scope and Coverage

Number of deals: 450,000

Data History: U.S. and U.S. cross-border since 1992; European major markets since 2000; Global since 2003

Update Cycle: Daily. Public deals are added to the content database the same day they are announced.

Dataset Features

  • Access comprehensive precedent transaction information with links to source documents
  • Screen for comparable deals on the basis of multiples, deal terms, advisors, fees, industry analytics, and more
  • Build league tables and volume totals

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Scope and Coverage

Scope: Full acquisitions of U.S. public and private targets, plus private agreements where a U.S. public company was involved and if the agreement was filed with the SEC

Data History: Since 2003

Update Cycle: Daily

Dataset Features

  • Evaluate deal protection terms and review fees
  • Access important language within agreements, tender offer documents, proxy filings, call transcripts, and more
  • Build presentation-ready deal document books that incorporate key deal documents, exhibits, and more


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