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The FactSet Global Filings database integrates global company filings from various sources, including EDGAR; SEDAR; debt, equity, and derivative prospectuses; annual reports; and data from all public domains, such as stock exchanges, corporate actions, and M&A documents.  All of the data in FactSet Global Filings is fully searchable: by text; within document areas, such as specific clauses; and by over 100 identified search fields.

Coverage by Source

The following is a detailed breakdown of what is available for each data set.


EDGAR is the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval System established by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to provide real-time electronic access to thousands of SEC documents, including 10-Ks, 10-Qs, and proxy materials. In all, there are over 200 types of SEC filings on FactSet’s EDGAR system.

Scope and Coverage

Number of Filings More than 2 million
Data History Since 1992
Update Cycle Real-Time


The System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval (SEDAR) is Canada’s financial filing system for public companies and mutual funds and is managed by CDS Inc., a subsidiary of the Canadian Depository for Securities Limited. SEDAR provides many of the same documents that must legally be filed with the Canadian Securities Administrators, as well as many documents that may be filed with Canadian exchanges (market centers). Additionally, some third parties who are involved in public company transactions such as takeover bids or proxy contests may also be required to file.

Filing with SEDAR began in January 1997, and is now mandatory for most reporting issuers in Canada. SEDAR information is broadcast in real-time by CDS Inc. via SCRIBE (System for Canadian Real-time Information Broadcast Electronically).

Scope and Coverage

Number of Filings More than 1 million
Data History Since 1992
Update Cycle Real-Time


The FactSet Prospectus database includes over half a million debt, equity, and derivative prospectuses from issuers all over the world, exposing millions of clauses available for search and comparison. The database also includes SEC and SEDAR filings as well as data from all public domains, including stock exchanges, banks, and issuers.

Scope and Coverage

Bonds More than 250,000
Equities 85,000
Derivatives 50,000
M&A Deals More than 7,000
Total Number of Clauses More than 15,000,000
Update Cycle Real-Time

Information Provided:

  • Bond Summary: Asset-backed, CLO/CBO/CDO, high yield, structured deals, private placements, 144a, sukuks, MTNs, CP
  • Equity Summary: IPOs, convertibles, exchangeables, ADRs, funds
  • Derivatives Summary: All types of warrants and certificates
  • Types of Documents: Prospectuses, programmes (and base prospectuses), pricing supplements (and final terms), red herrings, information statements, and others

Annual Reports

The Global Reports database provides a comprehensive collection of international annual reports. Full-color annual and interim reports are available for more than 22,000 companies across more than 100 countries. Each company has at least five years of history. These reports offer a source as-reported information for both U.S. and many non-U.S. companies.

Scope and Coverage

Number of Filings Over 22,000
Geographic Coverage Global, covering over 100 countries and 27 languages
Data History Since 1996
Update Cycle Real-Time


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Regional Coverage by Security Type

Region Bond Equity Derivative Other
Africa 373 215 6 54
APEC 2233,355 52,010 11,811 10,482
ASEAN 925 1,697 210 206
Asia 5,639 9,395 1,559 1,213
Benelux 33,500 1,358 6,424 2,380
British West Indies 34,787 1,602 4,449 1,790
Central America 577 96 7 85
Central & Eastern Europe 2,292 673 218 213
Channel Islands 12,8179 549 5,933 691
CIS 1,531 279 180 66
Eastern Europe 1,951 409 182 113
EFTA 4,798 482 1,397 436
EMEA 162,468 16,774 56,402 11,078
Emerging Markets 7,044 2,584 242 832
EU 142,284 14,567 48,792 9,640
Euroland 93,239 6,688 28,168 6,375
Europe 161,706 15,987 56,303 10,885
European Economic Area 145,290 14,797 48,804 9,926
G8 254,784 46,524 27,671 11,388
Gulf Cooperation Council 172 35 -- 63
Middle East 401 593 93 139
NAFTA 213,071 42,126 6,634 8,321
North America 212,607 42,064 6,630 8,257
OECD 322,030 51,298 40,185 17,527
Offshore 47,894 2,551 10,392 2,552
Scandinavia 6,245 378 107 783
South America 1,563 308 17 352
Southeast Asia 3,182 7,917 1,378 1,109
United Kingdom 44,610 7,533 20,529 2,599

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  • Independent web-based product (FactSet's Global Filings website)

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