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Monitor Economic Developments and Perform Industry Analysis

Power your research with FactSet’s vast database of primary-sourced information and insight into the global economy.

FactSet Economics provides global economic intelligence to help you analyze complex relationships, monitor developments, and transform your research into results. FactSet Economics can be used to gain insight into the economy, or in conjunction with company data to perform industry analysis.

Scope and Coverage

(data as of June 2012)

FactSet Economics gives you quick access to comprehensive information from key sources to help you quantify and analyze global economic relationships.

Number of Series: 1,900,000

Number of Commodities: 116,000

Number of Interest Rates: 33,000

Update Frequency: Intra-day

Key Series: Balance of Payments, Commodities, Corporate Profits, Interest Rates, Employment, FX, Housing & Construction, Inflation, Money Flow & Supply, Personal Income and Spending, Production, Productivity, Retail Sales, Stock Market, Survey Data, and Trade

Key Sources: Federal Reserve System, ICI (Investment Company Institute), MBA (Mortgage Bankers Association), Statistics Canada, Baker Hughes, US Census Bureau, Central Bank of Brazil, Australian Bureau of Statistics, METI (Ministry of Economy Trade & Industry), Japan Customs, South African Reserve Bank, German Federal Statistical Office, UK Office for National Statistics, Eurostat

Specialty Databases: ICIS, IMF, LME, NYMEX, OECD

Dataset Features

  • Database includes important details such as economic information, exchange rates, commodities, interest rates, and benchmark data.
  • Development is ongoing, so you gain expanding sources, datasets, and analytics
  • Flexible report options give you the ability to transform data and view adjustments. Choose to access the raw data or view the data as a growth rate or moving average to further your analysis.


  • Fully integrated within the FactSet Workstation
  • Custom FactSet Data Feed (Learn more >>)


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