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Events and Transcripts

FactSet Events and Transcripts provides conference call transcripts for companies' publicly held conference calls, plus a wealth of information regarding upcoming corporate events, such as conference call date and time, phone number and password, type of conference call, and important company investor relations contact information.

Scope and Coverage

(the following data is for July 2011- July 2012)

Number of Companies - Transcripts Over 5,100
Number of Companies - Events Over 23,400
Data History Since Q4 2001
Update Cycle Real-time

Event types: Analyst/shareholder meetings; conferences and presentations; earnings calls; guidance/update meetings; M&A; sales results; special events

Event information: Dates, time, and phone numbers; contact information; audio recordings; dial-in, replay numbers, and passcodes; press releases; SEC filings; investor relations contact information; live audio

Dataset Features

  • Transcripts and Reports:
      • Live Transcripts and eXpress Transcripts: Currently streaming verbatim transcripts. Full transcripts available 15-30 minutes after the conclusion of the call.
      • Raw Transcripts: Raw verbatim transcripts of conference calls available within hours after the completion of the call.
      • Corrected Transcripts: Verbatim transcripts that have been reviewed and corrected by industry-focused financial professionals. Our editors re-listen to the entire call audio and confirm and research all the terms and numbers in the call.
      • CallStreet Reports®: Easy-to-read full transcripts that insert bullets and headings into the document and abbreviate common terms. The report omits no information from the transcript, and follows the order of the audio exactly.
  • Events Calendar: Manage your corporate events with FactSet's Event Calendar, which lists event dates, phone numbers, and contact information, as well as links to audio recordings of calls.
  • Event Download: Schedule corporate events in your Outlook or Lotus Notes calendar so that you can keep track of the events in which you are interested.
  • E-mail Alerts: Build a Watch List to receive e-mail delivery of transcripts and CallStreet Reports for a specific universe of companies. Receive daily e-mail listing all the calls for the day, request e-mail delivery of transcripts, or keep track of events.
  • Custom Reports: Combine data from hundreds of databases with FactSet Events & Transcripts data to create customized spreadsheets, documents, and presentations.


  • Fully integrated within the FactSet Workstation
  • Standard FactSet Data Feed (Learn more >>)


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