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FactSet Estimates

FactSet Estimates combines a great breadth of data with a level of transparency that ensures you are using the timeliest and highest quality data available in the industry. Access comprehensive consensus-level estimates and statistics with daily history.

Scope and Coverage

(as of July 2013)

Number of Companies

16,045+ active companies in the Americas, Europe, and Asia/Pacific for 90 countries

Number of Contributors Approximately 793
Number of Data Items More than 100
Data History Daily history from 1994 for France; 1997 for the rest of Europe; 2000 for the U.S., Canada, and Asia/Pacific
Update Cycle Intraday
Estimated Periods Annual up to 4 years forward; Quarterly up to 12 forward quarters (global)
Industries Over 90 industry data items across 8 industries

Dataset Features

  • Daily updates let you access the most recent estimates on a daily basis.
  • Daily history lets you view estimates for any time period, as of the current day, or as of a single historical date. You can also generate a time series for easy charting.
  • Time-defined consensus includes only those estimates that have been changed or actively validated within the last 100 days. You have the option to customize your estimate window as well.
  • Multiple EPS measures let you access different EPS according to local accounting standards or adjusted basis for all companies.
  • Market EPS provides you with preferred EPS flavor of the majority of contributors for a given company, as well as with all the major EPS methodologies followed by the analysts.
  • Flexible access gives you Broker Detail estimates in both snapshot and time-series change history format. Access current and historical data for all countries in a continuous series. FactSet global consensus data is completely integrated into a single database.


  • Fully integrated within the FactSet Workstation
  • Standard FactSet Data Feed (Learn more >>)


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