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FactSet Financial Entities

Managers of financial data and the entities associated with the financial industry, need a system to keep track of it all. Public or private companies and their operating subsidiaries, equity and fixed income securities, company officers and directors, analysts, and money managers change over time due to corporate actions and M&A activity, securities being issued and retired, and people moving in and out of jobs. The FactSet Financial Entities database tracks these entities and the relationships between them.

Scope and Coverage

(as of June 2012)

Business Entities: More than 3.26 million business entities, with over 1.05 million entities involved in over 247,200 unique parent-sub tree hierarchies.

Securities: All active and terminated securities are included.  There are approximately 6 million securities linked to approximately 255,000 issuing entities, with data going back until 1978.

Individuals: There are approximately 24,500 individuals included. Basic descriptive data is included for those individuals that are considered part of an entity tree as an immediate or ultimate parent.

Update cycle: Daily

Geographic coverage: Global

Dataset Features

  • Linked securities: Roll issues up to parent issuers to establish a true understanding of exposure to a given parent issuer using FactSet’s entity framework
  • Corporate structure: Map a public or private company’s corporate structure to understand its divisions and operating subsidiaries
  • People: Whether it is officers and directors you’re interested in, or fund managers and analysts, you can relate people to the firms they work for, both past and present, as well as find common experiences or link between people that may have worked or gone to school together
  • Symbology: With a single entity master, use the basis for mapping all types of identifiers to a single entity for cross referencing scores for vendor datasets


  • Fully integrated within the FactSet Workstation
  • Standard FactSet Data Feed / Entity Data Management (Learn more >>)

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