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Corporate Governance

FactSet’s corporate governance database, SharkRepellent, provides takeover defense and corporate governance data for thousands of U.S. incorporated public companies. You can obtain comprehensive data to prospect for new business, assess the defensive characteristics of specific companies, and perform comparable analyses across endless variables, including industry, market index, market capitalization, and state of incorporation.

Scope and Coverage

(as of July 2012)

Charter/Bylaw/Poison Pill documents: 75,000

Defense profiles: 6,000 U.S. incorporated public companies

Poison Pill profiles:1,100 non-U.S. incorporated companies, including Canadian companies with a poison pill

Coverage: All IPOs since 1999, all major indices, high profile targets of M&A transactions announced since 2001, all companies with poison pill currently in force, and all companies with poison pills adopted or amended since 2001

Updated: Daily

Dataset Features

  • Find out how well defended a company is with FactSet’s proprietary Bullet Proof Rating System, which quantifies relative defense protection and allows you to find companies with strong or weak defenses
  • Quickly create and save custom reports by compiling information from a company’s articles of incorporation, bylaws, state takeover laws, and shareholder rights plans, or access SharkRepellent’s expanding library of presentation-ready reports designed to help simplify complex research
  • Receive custom alerts to monitor adoptions and changes to poison pills
  • Automatically generate comprehensive company defense profiles and compare them across a group of selected peers



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