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FactSet Broker Research

FactSet Broker Research is your solution for accessing a comprehensive library of industry research reports and analyst models. Materials are provided via Research Connect, FactSet's research aggregation tool, which collects reports and models from hundreds of research providers globally. These firms include not only the largest investment banks, but also the industry’s leading regional and independent research providers as well as rating agencies and market research firms.

Scope and Coverage

(data as of June 2014)

Number of Contributors: 1141 in 88 countries

Dataset Features

  • Receive real-time updates as they are published by the research provider.
  • Create customized alerts to stay current on recently published research reports.
  • Hyperlink from the broker estimate directly to the research report.
  • Access research reports and analyst models using our sophisticated, easy-to-use, and flexible searching tool.
  • Target your document search and quickly retrieve relevant reports and models. In addition to text search, key search filters include analyst, industry, subject, report type, security/portfolio, and geographical focus. You can also filter on coverage, rating, and estimate and target price changes (e.g., initiation of coverage, estimate downgrades).
  • Keep informed on new research sources added to Research Connect with broadcast emails.


  • Fully integrated within the FactSet Workstation
  • Custom FactSet Data Feed (Learn more >>)


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