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FactSet DataFeeds

In a world where risk and opportunity are constantly in flux, FactSet provides the structure needed to organize data and information, distribute it across your firm, and manage its continual evolution.

Leverage FactSet’s core strengths - data integration and management - to provide the groundwork necessary to maintain and integrate data with speed and flexibility.

Fuel for Outperformers

Access the normalized market data you need to drive trade order management systems, execution management systems, web pages, and other applications. Receive extensive real-time index- and constituent-level data from global equity and fixed income exchanges and benchmarks.

Along with thousands of commercial database, FactSet offers our own global datasets of the latest, most accurate information available, from prices to composite items, business logic, quantitative scores, rankings, and more.

Retrieve real-time and historical data and charting without having to add database software or extra infrastructure. Program in the language of your choice and easily extract only the data you need.

Maintain a local copy of FactSet content or receive only the data you need for the universe and time periods you specify. FactSet offers consistency across a broad range of datasets to ensure your system will scale with your needs.

Integrated Partners

Take advantage of FactSet alongside industry-leading third-party partners to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

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