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FactSet Mergers

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Take advantage of industry-leading integration of global mergers and acquisitions data. Make your M&A research easier, faster, and more productive with FactSet Mergers.

Scope and Coverage

Universe/RegionTransaction Value% of TotalNumber of Deals
North America 22938696.62 50.9% 188,558
Western Europe 14135125.92 31.4% 154,061
Asia Pacific 5026320.81 11.2% 94,829
Eastern Europe 1372871.12 3.0% 29,489
South America 866555.79 1.9% 10,680
Africa 471450.74 1.0% 5,959
Middle East 251428.44 0.6% 2,780
TOTAL $45,062,449.44 100% 486,356


  • Access core M&A data (deals involving companies, not just assets)
  • Every transaction covered requires an auditable source document, so you can rely on the data you're seeing, without having the sift through the noise
  • M&A is integrated with all FactSet content, including private equity, global entities, fundamentals, DCS, and T&C
  • U.S. and U.S. cross-border history is available from 1992; European major markets from 2000; Global from 2003

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