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Intelligence Delivered

Intelligence Delivered

Access Hundreds of Global Databases

From streaming real-time data to deep historical information, FactSet gives you access to timely and accurate data. With thousands of FactSet-sourced and third-party databases integrated in one flexible analytics platform, FactSet offers a powerful data solution that combines global coverage, deep history, and unparalleled transparency.

Manipulate, Audit, and Export Data

Going beyond data access, our tools give you the power to manipulate data, easily export to Microsoft Excel, audit to the original source, securely store and manage your firm's data, and combine commercial data with your own.

Rely on Data You Can Trust

With FactSet, you gain a vendor with content collection and data quality assurance experience and a partner dedicated to facilitating your enhancement requests.

FactSet News and Insight

Q2 S&P 500 EPS Estimate Dips Slightly

The Q2 bottom-up EPS estimate dropped by 1.8% in April.

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