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FactSet Instant Messenger

Go beyond traditional messaging.

Share Actionable Insight

The FactSet IM platform is fully integrated within the FactSet workstation, letting you easily share news, charts, identifiers, and other financial data components while you send/receive messages, project/receive presence, and manage a list of contacts. Use blast messages, tabbed conversations, and persistent group chat functionality to efficiently share ideas.

Communicate with Colleagues on Other Platforms

Communicate and share information with any contact, regardless of the messaging network they belong to. FactSet IM is built on XMPP standards and was specifically designed to let you connect and communicate between a broad range of consumer, enterprise, and professional instant messenger networks including AOL, GoogleTalk, Microsoft Lync, Cisco CUPS, and more.

Join the Community

Access research, share ideas, and find partners among contacts on a variety of networks.The FactSet IM platform is available for free to any FactSet workstation user or employee at a FactSet client site with a login address.


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