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Connecting to FactSet

Installation and Deployment

Our technical deployment team makes it a top priority to install FactSet quickly and seamlessly, with little or no disruption to your workflow, whether you’re a single user or a group of two thousand.
  • Access the application faster with terminal servers, Citrix, or streaming local virtual environments.
  • Choose to install FactSet as individual workstations or as a streaming application farm. We’ll work closely with you to customize the entire process to fit your needs.

We take clients’ suggestions seriously and apply them to our products. Recently released services allow increased communication and support.

  • Define and centralize all your settings for life with our AC Central Dispatcher Routing.
  • Receive up-to-the-minute WAN infrastructure options.
  • Automate configuration with FactSet Configuration Manager, saving you time each time you log on.
  • Benefit from our Remote Assistance service. A specialist can help you whenever, wherever you are.

FactSet Launch: Single Sign-On

FactSet Launch is a single portal to all the services FactSet offers. Through Launch, you receive a permanent FactSet ID. This FactSet ID is yours for the rest of your career, even if you move firms or change roles.

A single sign-on process gives you not only simplicity, but enhanced security, a permanent profile, and better desktop, web, and mobile integration. You can even keep your FactSet Instant Messenger contacts if you change firms.

Through FactSet Launch, you have access to any FactSet application and content.

  • FactSet Workstation: Download and install FactSet’s desktop software with full Microsoft Office integration
  • Mobile Apps: Download and launch Apple, Android, or Blackberry native applications
  • Data and Content: Access StreetAccount news, CallStreet, Ownership, Mergers, Governance, and Filings
  • Instant Messenger: Open FactSet Instant Messenger and access your contacts
  • Connect: Access the full FactSet workstation from any Mac, PC, or tablet using a web browser
  • Documents and Training: Find training services, technology documents, MSI installers, mobile links, troubleshooting tools, and administrative portals

Get started with FactSet Launch.

FactSet Connect

Use FactSet Connect to access your data from any Windows, Mac, or iPad system. Whether you’re in the office, a disaster recovery location, at home, or on the go, FactSet Connect allows you to log in to your desktop application without additional infrastructure, so you can access your custom subscriptions, content, and settings. FactSet Connect, FactSet Wireless, and the traditional FactSet desktop are all automatically synced with one another.

  • Connect to FactSet through a web browser to access Citrix or a Terminal Server while you’re in the office.
  • Take full advantage of our VPN capabilities to access FactSet remotely at home or on your laptop.